Jonathan Lucy

Composer / Conductor / Educator



Jonathan Lucy Music is dedicated to writing quality music for educational venues and interactive media (films, commercials, video games, etc.) Jonathan Lucy Music is willing to accept a wide variety of commissions. Contact by emailing for more information or to commission the composer. 

When all else fails, music prevails. 










0:00 - 0:40: Thematic Music (Hero)
0:41 - 1:13: Dungeon Music
1:14 - 1:30: Boss Music
1:31 - 1:48: World Music (Oriental)
1:49 - 2:16: Emotional Music (Loss)
2:17 - 2:48: Percussive Music (Valiant) 
2:49 - 3:22: Ambient Music (Deserted Mountain World)
3:23 - End: Heroic Music (Destiny)



Educational Music


Jonathan Lucy Music offers a variety of educational music for wind band, string orchestra, choir and other various ensembles. 



Music for Media


Jonathan Lucy Music works with video game designers to try to design the best and most unique scores for each video game project. Jonathan Lucy Music also accepts commissions for other forms of interactive media (films, commercials, etc.). 


Current Projects

Jonathan Lucy Music is working on projects in many mediums, including a piece dedicated to Suicide Awareness/Prevention with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). 



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